My Self-Learning Journey

One day I was walking in a store and saw a set of oil paintings, brushes and white canvas all together as a bundle. I instantly grab it and put it in the shopping cart, I thought that was a great idea for doing it with my husband to relax and do something together. The day we tried the first time, I was so excited to paint and I always wanted to, but it was not as fun as I thought, I set up the table, the paints, everything but I didn’t know what to paint, after thinking for a while we put on the TV an episode of  Bob Ross and we felt very frustrated trying to follow up, the cheap paintings were not working exactly like Bob was showing us, and the brushes were so bad they left hairs in the canvas. Even though it wasn’t what i was expecting, something felt so good about the process that the next day we went to the art store and spent some money on good quality paints, canvases and brushes. And I realized I had to spend some time learning, but I had two jobs at that time, and no time to take classes or get in any art school, so I decided to learn by myself and that’s the journey I want to share with you…



The second course I took from was “Impressionism – Paint this Venice painting in oil or acrylic”, I have to say here that my husband started this painting, the primary drawings and set the buildings in place, but after spending some hours and days trying he didn’t want to finish it, I tried convincing him to finish it but he doesn’t want to be told what to do, so I took the canvas, watched all of the courses a couple times and finished it.  We said it was teamwork  and this is the final result:


Venice painting in oil

I learned and understood better the concepts of Drawing, Values, Color, and Edges. Also I got a better understanding about how lights work, how important it is to paint what you see and not what you think, but also add your touch to anything you do. I wanted to use more vivid colors and I was really happy with the process of making water look like my very personal idea of the water and lights, also I added some green bushes in the right corner just because I feel it.  In this second course I was more confident and feeling ok with imperfections, that is a great lesson.




Painting Reference Photo, Venice…










Finished Painting , Venice In The Afternoon by the instructor Christopher Clark

To visit the online site that i learned how to paint this beautiful Venice painting Click Here